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NASA will create “the terminator” to explore the space

NASA создаст «терминатора» для изучения космосаTechnology will open new opportunities.

NASA has engaged in the creation of a special type of metallized glass, which will equip future robots-terminators, designed specifically for space exploration.

As a joke scientists say that very soon they will be close to the creation of the character similar to a robot T-1000 from the movie Terminator. Scientists say that the new material is very heavy to wear, but it is incredibly durable and resistant to low temperatures, which is especially important when creating machines working with cold objects.

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For example, today the Rovers of the type of Curiosity it is necessary to constantly heat the grease to work properly, but this process requires a large energy expenditure. A new material called “bulk metallic glass” (abbreviated as BMG) will create for robot researchers is a reliable shell, which will protect them from severe temperatures.

The use of such material will help significantly to save, and will open up new opportunities. It is noteworthy that from a technical point of view, BMG is still glass and, therefore, can flow when heated like plastic. However, due to the random structure of the atoms in the material becomes less soft spots, hence the comparison to “metal” with a material from which were made the robot T-1000.

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