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NASA will build a space hotel

NASA построит космическую гостиницуStudents under the guidance of NASA are starting to build a 5-star hotel in orbit

The results of the NASA contest gave students the Massachusetts Institute of technology brief for the construction of a five star hotel, which will be located in Earth orbit.

Project students Marina is planned for the station by NASA, which will hotel. Place in orbit will be realized in the following way: the station will be attached to the modules in number of 5 pieces, each will settle space tourists. The cost of holidays and unusual procedures in space will be about 5 million U.S. dollars for 12 days of rest.

The maximum number of places in the hotel – 20. Four of them – the staff. Despite this, the students plan to make the complex with a bar, a fitness room and many other services.

American students, like NASA scientists, suggest that the project will be possible by 2025.

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