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NASA was forced to terminate the connection between the Earth and Mars

NASA  вынужденно прекратить связь между Землей и МарсомThe connection between the Earth and Mars will be interrupted next week.

All the space agencies, led by NASA are preparing for the forced termination of the telecommunication between us and our neighboring planet.

Calm is forced and it will last 10 days. The fact that from July 27 began a period when our nearest “neighbor” is too close to the Sun. So 5 days before and 5 days after any radio contact would be impossible.
The probes that are in orbit of Mars, this period of time will not be able to transfer and receive information, because it is for them to be quite dangerous. Considering the distance of a few hundred million miles separating Earth and Mars, the maintenance of radio communication, by itself, is quite a hard task, and if both these planets will disperse to the different sides of the Sun, then the linkage becomes risky. According to NASA, in this position of the planet are regular, every 26 months, so at this point a radio message between Mars and Earth has to stop.

At the moment, on the surface of the red planet and its orbit has 8 spacecraft from Europe, India and America. They maintain constant radio contact with the Ground. By the way, the information obtained from satellites, often editable – photos are adjusted, materials secretive, and “public display” is given only a small part of them. Of course, most of the interesting material gets NASA, but with the General public, it “shares” only a small number of them. It happens that some of the “NASA secrets” are made public, thanks to former employees of the space Agency. Many of these secrets are directly related to Mars.

For example, in 1979-m to year, one of the employees, it is logical who wished to remain anonymous, said that he personally saw the footage from the red planet obtained by the Mars Rover “Viking” the predecessor “Curiosity”. On duty, female monitor information coming from the machine, and noticed that on some shots recorded people (or creatures very like them). There were two men dressed in suits are lightweight, earth the astronauts have not seen this shape in those years. Presumably, people were male, they became interested in the “Viking” and came to him. But at this point the stream suddenly stopped. The employee believes that they were members of a secret American mission held in the 60s.

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