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NASA told how to safely watch a solar Eclipse

NASA рассказало, как безопасно наблюдать за солнечным затмениемAll of North America will get the chance to see one of the most stunning phenomena

A total solar Eclipse will sweep across the continent, turning 21 August, the day into night. Supervision, without complying with security measures may harm the eyes of the people and equipment used for capturing this moment. That’s why NASA has published guidelines for the safe observation of the Eclipse.

The main problem is that part of Eclipse is the sun. Despite the fact that it will be behind the moon, you need to avoid looking directly at the Eclipse, since direct observation can damage the eyes.

NASA says that anyone who wants to observe the Eclipse, don’t have to do this directly. Instead, you can use the “shaded glasses” or to observe the Eclipse using the indirect method.

Eclipse glasses (“shaded glasses”) is the only safe way to look directly at the sun when the Eclipse happens. Nasa says that their eyeglasses are available for purchase in most places.

But you want to make sure that the glasses are in order, they should not be scratched, damaged lenses, and they should not be more than three years. Glasses must include the name and address of the manufacturer, who can check in online, and ISO.

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