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NASA told about the danger that awaits astronauts on Mars

NASA рассказала об опасности, ожидающей космонавтов на Марсе Researcher, NASA Chris McKay, announced the risks associated with flight to Mars.

Now, scientists from around the world are working to exceptions difficulties.

Researchers fear a disaster at launch, as SpaceX is sending a rocket to Mars is the launch in which astronauts died in a launch of missiles. Also astronauts threatened by cosmic radiation. There is a danger of a failed landing on the surface of the planet Mars.

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Scientists believe that the depressurization of the home and a spacesuit will result in instant death of the crew. The ingress of soil particles with Mars in food or water will lead to severe poisoning of the body, and the last risk people.

Scientists believe that the team depends on the whole mission, so they will conduct a series of psychological tests in selecting the crew. According to researchers, a trip to Mars could be one-sided.

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