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NASA to show your serious accusation

К NASA предьявили серьезное обвинениеNASA scientist accused of a serious fraud

Famous UFO researcher Scott Waring NASA accused of serious fraud, the expert became known yesterday. According to him, supposedly located in outer space the astronauts are actually in a specially equipped place on Earth.

Waring said that the expedition of astronauts arrived on the ISS, and photos with videos to prove it. It turned out that after a detailed study of the media, ufologists began to insist on the deception from the space Agency. The expert is convinced that the Earth is a special secret mission.

Scott Waring later accused NASA that his site the scandalous publication was blocked and the reason for that was his statement. The scientist insists that the pictures it pointed to the fact that the astronauts are not in space, because on the photo hatches do not look tight, and he has other evidence.

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