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NASA tests the intakes for new generation aircraft

NASA испытывает воздухозаборники для самолетов нового поколенияAircraft with such air intakes are to consume a 6-8% less fuel

Together with the research center UTRC NASA began testing the air intake and fan fundamentally turbogenerator engine. Aircraft with such air intakes are to consume a 6-8% less fuel.

The new design involves the suction of air into the system from the border layer — the thin layer of air adjacent to the surface of the aircraft. Here in the air there is a very large difference of speeds from zero to the speed of the plane. Because of this, the air drawn into the turbine directly from this layer gives a heavy load on the engine than the air came from the other air layers. This often leads to breakdowns of the fan.

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The air of the border of the layer does not impinge on the fan blades, air intakes carried away from the wing and fuselage, but in this case they reduce the overall aerodynamics of the car.

In the new design of the NASA air intakes oriented to suction only the bordering air as well as the rejection of it, will be able to stabilize the system. New intakes will be located on the fuselage.

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Assessment of NASA, the reduction in drag thanks to new intakes and the fan will improve fuel efficiency of new aircraft by at least six to eight percent compared to current aircraft. Use the new air intakes and fans will be in the perspective plane D8, developed by NASA.

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