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NASA showed video of the test engine heavy missiles

NASA показало видео испытаний двигателя сверхтяжелой ракетыNASA conducted a firing test of the upgraded RS-25 engine.

Rocket engine RS-25 with a new flight controller was successfully tested at NASA Stennis.

This motor is designed for rockets, Space Launch System (SLS) and Orion launch vehicles to Mars.

It is the unit of the flight controller is a key component to ensure the safety and reliability of the rocket. It allows you to adjust the flight in real-time by monitoring critical operating conditions such as the speed of the turbo pumps, the pressure and temperature of combustion.

A new controller for RS-25 engine represents a significant step forward compared with the previously – his performance exceeds the performance of analogs 20.

“Just think about all the achievements in the field of computers and electronics that have occurred in recent years, and we were able to include these gains in the controller. We were able to increase the processing speed, add additional memory and significantly improve the reliability of the entire communications network controller,” says Dan Adamski, program Director RS-25.

In the future, this controller will be installed in one of four flight engines, which will help the first launch of the rocket Space Launch System.

Fire test passed at the landfill space center NASA and lasted 6 minutes, 20 seconds. In the video posted on the NASA website, any anomalies during testing is not visible.

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