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NASA showed the space “bubbles” in the nebula Cat’s paw

NASA показало космические «пузыри» в туманности Кошачьей лапыThe picture was taken by the Space telescope Spitzer.

NASA has published a colorful nebula the Cat’s paw. The photo depicts a “giant bubbles” yellow-red shades that appear clearly on a dark background. This is stated on the Agency’s website.

According to experts, large “bubbles” are clouds of glowing gas that surrounded the new star. These stars are embedded in massive clouds of dust that form the nebula.

The picture shows a bright red bubbles surrounded by green clouds, dominate. According to experts, the picture was taken with two of Spitzer instruments.

“After the gas and dust inside a nebula collapse to form stars, that can, in turn, heat surrounding the compressed gas, causing its extension in space and the creation of bubbles” – note the representatives of NASA.

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