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NASA showed in the picture “eye” of Jupiter

NASA показало на снимке "глаза" ЮпитераTwo oval storm form the “eyes” of the planet.

Civilian scientist Jason the Mayor with images taken with the spacecraft “Juno”, has created an image where you can see the “face” of Jupiter. The picture was published on the website NASA.

As the researchers note, due to the rotation of the image 180 degrees, two oval formed a hurricane “eye” of the planet and thus turned the face.

The original photo was taken on may 19, when “Juno” was at a distance 19433 kilometers from the surface of Jupiter.

“Juno” was launched on 5 August 2011 from Cape Canaveral, it is part of the program, New Frontiers . To “Juno” on the orbit of Jupiter worked the Galileo probe, but “Juno” was the first in history to make a flyby of the planet through its pole. The unit arrived at the orbit of Jupiter on 4 July last year.

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