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NASA showed footage of the dust storms on Mars

NASA показало кадры пылевой бури на МарсеDust storm engulfed the entire planet.

NASA released a panoramic image of the Martian landscape with dark brown clouds, darkened by a dust storm. The image was acquired by Curiosity Rover on August 9, as published by NASA on 6 September.

Dust storm on Mars began in late may of this year and in the summer, covering the entire planet, has acquired a global scale, with the result that they had lost contact with Mars Rover Opportunity. Although the storm has already abated, and contact with the Rover resumed. 30 August NASA announced that it will continue active search of the apparatus for 45 days.

Curiosity same dust storm threatened. The Rover does not depend on sunlight because it uses a nuclear generator. This allowed him to make 360-degree panorama of the Martian landscape.

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