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NASA showed a photo of a huge iceberg

NASA показало фотографию огромного айсбергаA giant array of ice rises above the water about 50 meters, and its total height is about 315 meters.

Specialists aerospace Agency involved in monitoring the status of glaciers of the planet, showed a photo of a huge iceberg, who last September broke away from the Pine Island glacier (Pine island) in Iceland. Photoblog NASA stresses that the picture was taken on 15 December 2017 with Landsat 8, an American satellite remote sensing.

The iceberg-44 a few weeks after the start of the drift collapsed into 20 fragments.

According to experts, the photo on the left shows the area of warm water around the iceberg – wormwood. It was she, according to the researchers, was the cause of the rapid destruction of the iceberg.

NASA показало фотографию огромного айсберга

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