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NASA showed a giant hexagon of Saturn

NASA показало гигантский гексагон СатурнаIn this photo of the giant hexagon is illuminated by the sun.

Station, Cassini took the giant hexagon — resistant atmospheric formation of regular hexagonal shape at the North pole of Saturn. Photo available on the NASA website.

In this photo of the giant hexagon is illuminated by the sun. The photo was taken on 9 September 2016, Cassini wide-angle camera when the station was located at a distance of 1.2 million kilometers from the planet. Image resolution is equal to 74 kilometers per pixel.

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Cassini-Huygens mission is a joint project of NASA and the European space Agency. Its main objective is to study Saturn, its rings and Titan, the largest satellite of the planet.

To do this, on 15 October 1997 from Cape Canaveral in Florida was launched unmanned spacecraft. July 1, 2004 it entered the orbit of Saturn. December 25, 2004 from the satellite separated probe Huygens, 14 January 2005 landed on Titan’s surface. The completion of the operation of the apparatus Cassini is scheduled for autumn 2017.

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