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NASA scientists showed “a Martian winter”

Ученые NASA показали "марсианскую зиму"First day of winter on Mars was marked by the snowfall.

The probe Mars Reconnaissance orbiter took a photograph of the Martian surface covered with snow, frozen carbon dioxide.

This photo was taken with the Mars Reconnaissance orbiter on the first day of the Martian winter in the Northern hemisphere of the planet.

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In this season the temperature on the surface of the red planet can drop to minus 125 degrees Celsius, and snowflakes from frozen carbon dioxide fall to the planet’s surface, making the scenery is beautiful and fabulous.

Photo was taken near the North pole of the planet. Dark spots on the image are places where carbon dioxide snow and ice melted.

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Recall, the Mars Reconnaissance orbiter is a NASA probe, launched to the red planet in 2005, with the help of the rocket Atlas V.

Ученые NASA показали "марсианскую зиму"

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