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NASA scientists said the disclosure of the secrets of the Sun

Ученые НАСА заявили о раскрытии тайны СолнцаThe researchers reported that they failed to disclose is perhaps the most paradoxical mystery of our sun.

Scientists space Agency NASA received unique images that help to unravel the ancient secrets of the Sun about the heterogeneity of the heating of the corona of the Sun.

The researchers suggest that the increase in temperature of the outer layer of the solar atmosphere is due to the effects of “heat bombs”.

These conclusions were made after the launch of the Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph (IRIS) is a space Explorer Sun. NASA admit that the solar corona is heated unevenly. The causes of this phenomenon in the impact of energies emanating from the magnetic fields that reach the outer atmosphere of the star and cross in it. Failed to establish that the temperature difference between the visible surface and inside of the corona of the Sun is hundreds of times.

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Space Explorer Sun IRIS will now be able to measure and analyze different indicators of the phenomena occurring in the Sun. NASA scientists compare the principle of operation of IRIS with a magnifying glass to carefully examine the boundaries of the solar atmosphere. According to experts, at the moment IRIS is the most progressive and objective researcher.

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The practical use of the data obtained for the inhabitants of Earth is to make timely decisions based on the information about predicted solar storms, which can lead to failures in the life of planet Earth.

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