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NASA scientists have shown unique the Sun

Ученые NASA показали уникальный снимок СолнцаThe photo shows the sun with a big smile on her face.

NASA was surprised by all network users.

Scientific employees of the organization, with the help of Solar Dynamics Observatory was able to capture the “smiling” Sun.

If you tilt your head to the left, looked through the line of the jaw, two narrowed eyes, mouth and even nose. It turned out, these “eyes” are incredibly active solar regions, and the “mouth” is a solar filament, which produces the plasma in the solar atmosphere. Regarding spots that look like hair, they are called coronal holes. The latter is responsible for the magnetic field lines and are located at the poles of the star.

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By the way, the device Solar Dynamics intended solely to recognize the factors of the variability of the Sun affect the planet.

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