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NASA scientists found a planet where you can live the aliens

Ученые NASA нашли планету, на которой могут жить инопланетянеThis planet can be inhabited by living beings.

Over the next few years, NASA scientists will be actively looking for alien life. Recently, experts have discovered a planet where you can live aliens.

A group of scientists from the Institute of space research NASA has conducted a study which showed that close to our Earth there is another planet that can be potentially inhabited by living beings. The rate at which scientists discover a potentially habitable planet, allow science to learn more about alien life.

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At a distance of 11 light-years from Earth, was found a planet called “alien”. Now there are tests that will show whether a planet can retain water. Using a collection of high tech telescopes and radars to detect and analyse planets in other solar systems and galaxies, scientists were able to find about 3,500 potential terrestrial worlds.

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