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NASA scientists created the coldest place in the Universe

Ученые NASA создали самое холодное место во ВселеннойThe atoms of a substance must completely stop moving at absolute zero.

NASA experts first created on Board the International space station (ISS) condensate Bose – Einstein. Scientists cooled rubidium atoms to just one ten-millionth part of the Kelvin (K) above absolute zero (one = -272,15°) – about 3K below-average temperature of outer space.

About the experiment, experts at the American management on Aeronautics and space exploration, according to a press release the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

The atoms of a substance must completely stop moving at absolute zero is -273,15° (zero K), but in practice this is unattainable because the zero-point oscillations – the so-called quantum fluctate that occur when the system minimum energy state. This effect, scientists have observed in the condensation Bose – Einstein. It is composed of bosons – particles (atoms) that can occupy the same quantum state. For the reason that all the particles are able to reach the minimum energy level, the condensate ceases to interact with atoms of surrounding substances. This means, for example, to the fact that the force of friction disappears and there is superfluidity.

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On the Ground the condensate there is a very short time – fractions of a second, and µs the duration of the existence of this form of matter of 5-10 seconds. Also, experts can reproduce the experiments for six hours a day.

According to the plans the phase of active research in the framework of the project “Cold Atom Laboratory” will begin in the fall, in early September, and will be three years. Then it is planned to reach even lower temperatures and to use isotopes to create a condensate Bose – Einstein.

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