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NASA scientists are concerned about the behavior of the most unusual stars

Ученые НАСА обеспокоены поведением самой необычной звезды Strange star KIC 8462852 dramatically changed the intensity of the glow.

The object KIC 8462852 or, as it is called, star Tabby, from time to time makes scientists wonder. Object in space tend to change the intensity of its glow, this time the star was on the order tesknie.

March 16, specialists from NASA found that the Tabby “pale” by 4%. The facility is located in the constellation Cygnus in 1280 light years from us. The following is remarkable: Tabby twice the Sun, and also hotter at 1000°C.

Scientists began to follow the star only a few years ago, when I noticed the change in brightness of more than 22%. At the moment, experts are trying to understand what accounts for such differences.

Some experts believe that KIC 8462852 has a special dynamics, while others defend the view that about the stars fly a lot of comets and asteroids and in orbit there is a huge Tabby ring the planet.

To completely understand the anomalous behavior of the space object, it is necessary to conduct the study. These scholars will be engaged soon.

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