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NASA revealed the unique Martian clouds

NASA показало уникальные марсианские облакаUnusual photos became publicly available only recently.

The American space Agency NASA showed an animation of the movement of the clouds on Mars, images for which the Curiosity Rover made in July 2017.

According to the Agency, it is the clearly visible clouds for all time the mission of the Rover on the red planet, which is located on Mars for the last five years.

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Curiosity has made several series of eight images, which were further combined into animations. The survey was carried out in two stages: first, the Rover sent a camera Navcam almost vertically upwards and then turned her to the southern horizon of Mars.

NASA said that Curiosity and other spacecraft seen floating in the Martian sky before. But for the first time managed to convey so clearly clouds in the photo.

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NASA показало уникальные марсианские облака

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