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NASA revealed a new picture of Jupiter

NASA показало новый снимок ЮпитераThe made the Juno probe, capturing the Northern latitudes of the planet.

A new batch of fresh images of Jupiter sent the Juno probe. One of the photos made on December 11 last year. Captured the Northern latitudes of the planet during a close flyby at a distance of 16 600 km, what notes the NASA site.

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The photo was taken at high resolution and allows to consider in detail the largest planet of the solar system.

In the picture of the gas giant noticeable atmospheric turbulence NN-LRS-1, which scientists call the younger brother of the Great red spot, which has long been the main hallmark of Jupiter.

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It is reported that NN-LRS-1 is the third-largest anticyclone on the planet, occurred approximately 23 years ago.

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