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NASA released the unique nebula

NASA опубликовало снимок уникальной туманностиThe nebula lies in the constellation Taurus.

NASA released the image a little-known nebula IRA 05437+2502, made space telescope “Hubble”. A large cloud of interstellar dust and gas clearly visible on the background of bright stars.

The nebula lies in the constellation of Taurus, near the center of the milky Way.

IRA 05437+2502 has a mysterious feature in the form of a Crescent, which is visible in the bottom photo. The Crescent, perhaps generated by the rapid motion of the young star, expelled from the field of star formation at speeds over 195 000 km/h.

The nebula was first discovered in 1983 by the infrared astronomicheskii Ipoteka (IRA) – the first joint space telescope USA, the Netherlands and the UK, but until now has not been studied in detail.

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