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NASA recorded the building on the moon

NASA зафиксировало здание на ЛунеThe EHL and Stefanov gave their comments about the details of the UFO.

The author of the theory is the UFO researcher Streetcap1. The footage is very ambiguous and leave a lot of questions. Netizens have divided into two camps, the adherents and critics of the theory. Representatives from NASA “dot the I”, commenting on information about how these moments in the lens research cameras.

NASA зафиксировало здание на Луне

The network once again to discuss the issue of habitability of the moon. A UFO under the nickname Streetcap1 posted a video on its YouTube channel, shows where the footage was filmed by NASA experts in December last year. Your post supporter of the alien theory was signed: “I Decided to go back to what I like, and to stop the activities of NASA. This photo was taken by the unmanned lunar Orbiter. Footage filmed in December last year. It looks like some kind of building. Scale is 0.56 m / pixel. So this huge structure SC1”. His supporters actually saw the building, which created an alien civilization. The structure has angles and location so that visual definitely doesn’t feel like stone. The only thing that was not specified by Streetcap1 is who and why built this building.

NASA зафиксировало здание на Луне

Netizens have been actively discussing the question as to whether the real information about the whereabouts of artificially created building on the Earth’s satellite. “What do you think, what are the dimensions of this thing? In principle, the scaling is just perfect. But too bad that you can’t make the footage clearer. Currently, there is a really good telescopes. But the last step to crystal clear picture, apparently, is impossible. Maybe in 20 years we’ll get to it”, commented on the content the user SnoopDogg DoggyStyle. “A very good find. Some people need to open their eyes, if they are going to explore this topic, instead of having to appeal to ignorance and say, “no One knows what is happening.” In fact, these anomalies artificial and is developed by another culture that we don’t know yet. Argue objectively,” said the MeT L Head. However, there were those who were skeptical of such a statement ufologist. “Sure it’s a lunar crater. I have similar pictures of Antarctica. Good job, great photoshop,” writes SkyLights. “A nice find. It looks pretty shiny, so it resembles a smooth metal surface. Very symmetrical, it seems that she has the front of the cab with some form, and the other wings”, has refuted the belief Owner Streetcap1 Mat. Some netizens considered near the building site.

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At the moment the video has been viewed 3.7 thousand people. The debate about whether the opinion of UFO is true, do not stop.

As for the pictures NASA, on its official website researchers have commented on issues that can ambiguous look in the frame. Thus, D. EHL from the jet propulsion Laboratory announced: “the Exposure of this picture actually consists of three images: red, green, and blue. Quick frame is too short to capture all the stars that are visible in the image. The earth and Moon are bright enough that they could fix instantly. The brighter the object, the shorter the exposure time required to capture images. This is similar to why you don’t actually see stars in the photos “Apollo” to the moon. Photographing objects were much brighter than the background stars, the exposure was not long enough to “capture” the stars. There are two examples from the Cassini mission to Saturn, showing the long exposure that captured the stars. In both cases, the stars appear as streaks due to the relatively long exposures required to capture a good image of the moons”.

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NASA зафиксировало здание на Луне

Will Stefanov, a member of the crew of the ISS at the Johnson Space center added: “It depends on the camera settings and in some degree from the camera. Nikon D3, which is often used by astronauts, are called upon to be more sensitive in situations with low lighting, so you are likely to “grab” a few bright stars. Image taken with long exposures and / or wider holes will also record more of the star light for more light on the camera sensor. Shorter image on Earth, most of the daily images usually don’t show stars because they are too dim compared to the brightness of the planet.” As reported on the official website of NASA before to capture images of space objects, the installation in automatic mode set the camera Crew Earth Observations. Sometimes the settings will change due to subjective circumstances, said nacouzi.

NASA зафиксировало здание на Луне

Nacouzi encourage your audience to be objective to the information that comes from dubious sources. In order to obtain objective information, it is better to go to the source of the data, said the researchers. On the website there is a separate section where you can see the footage, which depicted a cosmic body. Later they are the object of heated discussions between scientists and alternatives, conspiracy theorists, ufologists.

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