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NASA on Mars found traces of life

NASA на Марсе обнаружили следы жизниNASA scientists announced the discovery of traces of life.

X-ray of the Mars Rover Curiosity found in some parts of Mars high content of zinc, and Germany. In the Gale crater of these elements in ten, sometimes a hundred times more than the rest of the surface of Mars.

These substances the evidence of high hydrothermal activity, which once flowed on the planet. So say the authors of a study published in the journal of Geophysical Research: Planets. They believe that the similarity in chemical composition with earthly analogues proves the existence of life on Mars.

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On Earth, these concentrations of substances are encountered in the extreme hydrothermal sources, and are favorable conditions for life of the simplest organisms. Scientists believe that a similar primitive creatures, germs and bacteria long ago, could dwell in the Gale crater. Age of a huge crater with a diameter of 150 kilometers, approximately 3.5 billion years. In the past the deepest part Galy was filled with water. In the center of the crater towering mount sharp, a height of 5.5 kilometers.

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Near Gali 6 August 2012 landed the Rover Curiosity. NASA has sent its Mars program Mars Science Laboratory. Since then, the robot delivers on the ground information about the red planet.

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