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NASA launched virtual tours ekzoplanetu

НАСА запустило виртуальные туры по экзопланетам  The slogan of the red planet Kepler-186f.

NASA launched the service with a virtual exploring planets outside the Solar system. On the website Exoplanet Travel Bureau can be explored circular panorama of the planets of Kepler-186f, TRAPPIST-1d, Kepler-16b.

The project authors note that their panoramas are “artistic fantasy”, as many exoplanets information is collected still.

Users can turn on and off the planets atmosphere, and explore information about the different objects located on the surface of a distant space objects.

For each tour, representatives NASA have created your poster and slogan as the movies.

For example, the slogan of the red planet Kepler-186f “where the grass is redder”, a planet with two suns, Kepler-16b “your shadow always has company.” Also on the website published a number of posters to the planets for which you have not yet created the virtual tours.

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