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NASA is going to urgently report on “extraterrestrial life”

NASA собирается экстренно сообщить о «внеземной жизни»An urgent press-conference is connected with the discovery, made outside of the Solar system.

The American space Agency NASA on February 22 calls emergency press conference on the opening of beyond the Solar system. Grants world press trumpeted the news today, scientists will announce the most important discovery of life beyond Earth.

On the NASA site will be online broadcast, beginning at 20:00 Kyiv time.

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Topic stated in a press release, “Discovery beyond our Solar system, the search for extraterrestrial life.” Other parts, NASA does not.

However, BuzzFeed said on Twitter that “there are people who know that there are (at press conference) will be something important.”

As newspaper the Mirror wrote that the conference will involve four scientists from the US and one from Belgium. Their names because of privacy is also not disclosed.

NASA reports that during the press conference can ask questions using the hashtag #AskNasa.

As suggested by Western experts, speech can go about the opening of seven new exoplanets, which can be found orbiting single stars TRAPPIST-1 – a red dwarf star in the constellation of Aquarius.

It is now known that the orbit of this star there are 6 extrasolar planets, which gravity and the initial conditions “similar to Earth”. While exoplanets are at a distance of 40 light years from Earth. This is not a crazy distance, this distance may be overcome by ships of the Earth for one generation.

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