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NASA is going to launch space balloon-“spy”

NASA собирается запустить в космос воздушный шар-"шпион"NASA will launch a balloon to space exploration

In New Zealand employees of NASA launches balloon to gather information in space at an altitude of 34 kilometers above the planet’s surface. Flight device designed for one hundred days.

Earlier scientific organization already tried to run the ball, but every time interference created by weather conditions. This time another attempt was crowned with success. Balloon 100 days circled the Earth 2-3 times.

The design will examine the presence of the cosmic elements of high energy when they enter the atmosphere. Scientists want to find out the origin of these particles.

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There is an assumption that they boost large black holes or rapidly rotating stars, or in place of, the existence of which the scientific world doesn’t even know. All of these questions should help to answer the NASA balloon.

Earlier it was reported that NASA brings to 2019 the initial launch of the SLS heavy rocket with the lunar-Mars the Orion spacecraft, whereas before it was planned to start in 2018. The transfer is associated with a delay until late summer of this year the Europeans supply the service module for Orion, who had intended to send to the US in January. The final decision to launch will be taken this autumn.

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