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NASA has tested lunar suit

 NASA испытало лунный скафандрSuits Advanced Crew Escape Suit is designed for expeditions to Mars.

Space Agency NASA is testing a modified version of the spacesuit, Advanced Crew Escape Suit to support distant missions.

The first long-distance flight crew with these suits is expected to be around 2023.

Engineers and technicians at the Johnson Space center in Houston conducted a comprehensive test using vacuum pressure, the last of a series of technical tests, which must pass the costume before you send it into space. In this test, people in suits entered the vacuum chamber, when the suit was connected to life support systems.

“Given the restrictions on weight and volume of the payload on Board the ship, NASA wants to use these suits at the start of the Orion spacecraft and return to Earth, and also for works in open space,” – said the representative of NASA’s Robert frost.

Suits Advanced Crew Escape Suit designed for the crew of the American spacecraft Orion, as well as for expeditions to the moon and Mars.

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