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NASA has successfully tested a parachute for Mars

NASA успешно испытало парашют для МарсаThe parachute is made from nylon, technora and Kevlar fibers

The Advanced Supersonic Parachute Inflation Research Experiment was launched on the Black Brant IX rocket in the early morning of 7 September. On Board was the payload, separated from the camera, before he returned to Earth.

According to NASA, the cargo opened the parachute, reaching the required distance when passing through the atmosphere, four tenths of a second. The space Agency claims that this is the most rapid opening of the parachute of this size in the world: moreover, ASPIRE has set a world record.

The parachute is made from nylon, technora and Kevlar fibers which will allow it to hold heavier loads and survive when falling through the atmosphere.

“Mars 2020 will carry the heaviest load ever delivered to Mars and, like the previous Mars missions, we will have only one parachute, and it should work”, – said the Manager of the project Mars 2020 John Macnamee.

According to him, the ASPIRE test in detail, showed how our parachute will behave when disclosure in a supersonic flow high above the surface of Mars.

Representatives of the Jet Propulsion Lab working on the project, claim that the Department consulted and gave the green light to ASPIRE to join the Mars 2020 mission.

Parachute ASPIRE will be responsible for the delivery of the Rover on the surface of Mars. Nameless research robot has a length of just over three metres, width 2.7 metres height – 2.1 metres. The Rover weighs about 1050 pounds.

NASA has not yet announced where exactly on the red planet will land Rover, but to go to her he must in July or August 2020 and arrive at the destination by February 2021.

On 27 September it was reported that the Japanese company-manufacturer of aerospace equipment ispace in conjunction with the American SpaceX has planned two missions to the moon: the orbit of the satellite and sending Rovers. Mission we want to implement in 2020 and 2021.

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