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NASA has started developing the spaceship for the project of Stephen Hawking

NASA начало разработку звездолета по проекту Стивена ХокингаSpace Agency NASA has said it is working on a new project together with Stephen Hawking.

Stephen Hawking and NASA experts will form a new ultrafast spaceship.

As reported by astrophysicist-theorist, the speed of the new ship will be approximately 1/5 the speed of light today for the earth of the spacecraft is practically impossible figure.

Information regarding upcoming project presented in the publication “Independent”. This indicates that the Steven Hawking already figured out all the features of this nano-vehicle, and stated that the design is able to develop shocking to modern devices speed. Starship, previously received the designation “StarChip”. It is expected that he will be able to get to the space of the constellation Centauri in 20 years of flying.

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About design Stephen Hawking first reported back in April, when he gave a report on the results of cooperation with researchers from the Korean Institute. Currently deployed dense enough interaction with astrophysicists, working with NASA. Today it is known that the ship is able to develop a very high speed, which is confirmed by all the scientific evidence, tested by teams of scientists.

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Currently, work is being done to increase the durability of the apparatus. It is necessary that the spaceship was able to maintain its own integrity, and health for several decades. Today there are many different options for the development of a new project. Details NASA experts intend to provide in the framework of the specialized conference that will be held in the territory of San Francisco.

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