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NASA has shown an impressive frame “Christmas star”

NASA показало впечатляющий кадр "рождественской звезды"Space telescope Hubble recorded the nebula, similar to the Christmas star.

It is reported by NASA. “Hubble found in outer space something, like a colorful holiday decoration”, – stated in the message. This is the planetary nebula NGC 6326 with bright streams of gas that are illuminated by the Central star, which is dying.

When the star ages and the so-called “red phase” of her life ends, she begins to throw gas on its surface and remains a hot and compact white dwarf.

Sometimes these emissions create a symmetrical flow of gas that glows. But the object NGC 6326 is much less structured. It is located in the constellation of the Altar at a distance of about 11 thousand light years from Earth. “Bright blue and red shades come from a material that includes ionized oxygen and hydrogen, which glow under the action of hard UV radiation from the hot Central star,” said the astronomers.

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