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NASA has published a video of the rotation of Phobos around Mars

NASA опубликовала ролик вращения Фобоса вокруг МарсаOrbital Observatory “Hubble” has made a number of high quality pictures of Mars and its satellite Phobos.

As have informed in a press-service of the project, the pictures was an accident, but it turned out so successful that they managed to mount a time lapse video.

In the published video shows how Phobos appears above the horizon of the red planet and continues the rotation.

At present Mars has two moons — Phobos and Deimos, are both irregular in shape and with a diameter of only 22 and 12 kilometres respectively. According to many scientists, they cannot be considered planets, only asteroids that Mars captured in its gravity in the distant past.

According to calculations, the Deimos is gradually removed from his planet and one day all will fly away into space. Phobos, by contrast, gradually moving closer to Mars and in 20-40 million years to be destroyed.

According to one version, previously, Mars had three moons, but one of them long ago fell on its surface.

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