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NASA has planned a major new study of Mars

NASA запланировала новое крупное исследование МарсаAgency scientists are preparing to explore the depths of our neighbor.

Scientists of the international space Agency NASA were going to explore the deep interior of Mars in the framework of the new mission, called InSight, the launch is identified in 2018. The beginning of the expedition will occur from Vandenberg air force base in California.

NASA employees are planning to land on Mars in early October next year to explore the deeper subsoil. Within the new mission, the authors will make the accounting data of heat transfer and geodesy of the red planet. The results of the studies will help researchers to understand the process of formation of the rocky space objects, including the Ground. InSight will be the first project that will explore the depths of the celestial body.

In addition, the robotics research that will be conducted by scientists from NASA, will provide an opportunity to lay the Foundation for sending humans to Mars at the equator which are not portable lander. A few weeks after landing, the device will begin using special robotic arm, the purpose of which is the collection of materials.

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