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NASA has not found the Opportunity Rover after the dust storm

NASA не нашло марсоход Opportunity после пыльной буриAt the beginning of June on the red planet began a dust storm.

Experts expect the resumption of communication after a month.

From a small local phenomenon it has become in the event of planetary scale. Dust covered Rover Opportunity, which the Space Agency had to put the Rover in crisis mode until then, until the storm is over. Now NASA is beginning a search for the device, but they are still unsuccessful.

The dust storm caught a Rover in the Valley of Perseverance (Perseverance Valley). In itself this is not uncommon. It usually occurs in the summer, when the planet approaches the perihelion (closest to Sun point of the orbit).

At a time when the South polar region, approaching the star, the carbon dioxide frozen in the polar cap evaporates. The atmosphere thickens, the temperature rises, causing dust particles to rise above. In this case, a dust cloud can reach a height of 60 kilometers.

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