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NASA has named the date for the next landing Americans on the moon

NASA назвало сроки следующей высадки американцев на Луну The man was on the satellite only once.

USA are planning commercial launches to the moon this year, and the new landing people in 2028. This was stated by the head of NASA Jim Breidenstein, speaking about the Agency’s budget by 2020.

“The NASA budget under President trump on the 2020 financial year – one of the strongest in the history of our Agency. This budget, amounting to 21 billion. demonstrates a nearly 6-percent increase compared to last year’s request and is received at the time of resource constraints in all agencies of the Federal government,” said Breidenstein.

“We’re going to the moon in the next decade with innovative new technology and systems to explore more places on the lunar surface than ever before, – said the head of NASA.

“This time we’re going to the moon, we remain. We will use what we learn on the moon for the next giant leap – sending astronauts to Mars,” he added, Breidenstein.

“With this budget, the important work NASA is studying our home planet and the Sun, will benefit generations of mankind. We will discover the unknown, sending a mission to the moon of Jupiter Europe and launching a space telescope James Webb. We will continue the planning and development of the first trip round trip to Mars with a sample return from Mars,” – said the head of NASA.

The first mission to the moon was performed by the American manned spacecraft “Apollo-11”. Crew commander Neil Armstrong and pilot buzz Aldrin landed the lunar module spacecraft on the lunar surface July 20, 1969, becoming the first humans to set foot on the surface of another celestial body.

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