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NASA has found a landing site on Mars

NASA нашло площадку для посадки на МарсеThe area should be low enough and smooth.

The American space Agency NASA has chosen a landing site on Mars, new space station InSight.

After studying 22 options, only the areas of the red planet called the Elysium, Planitia, Isidis, Planitia and Valles Mariner has satisfied the stated NASA engineers specifications. Later experts had to abandon areas Isidis, Planitia and Valles Marineri had due to the fact that they were too rocky and windy. Playground Elysium, Planitia is a long ellipse of 130 kilometers and a width of 27, on the Western edge of flat, smooth space lava plains.

In the first ever assessment of the site on Mars had to consider what lay below the surface of the planet, as we needed not only a safe place to land and work space, which could permeate a five-meter thermal probe station.

Also, the area should be low enough and smooth for a successful landing, as the first braking will occur with the planet’s atmosphere and then a parachute.

We will remind, on may 5 with the U.S. Vandenberg air force base in California, launched the station’s InSight, which after a 205-day flight will be on the surface of Mars and begin to study the planet, what scientists will provide an opportunity to answer the questions of the origin of the planets of the solar system.

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