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NASA has demonstrated on Mars fallen snow

NASA показала выпавший на Марсе снегRecently, NASA published pictures of a snow-covered surface of Mars at the Northern hemisphere, sent its Mars probe “Mars Reconnaissance orbiter”.

The images show that the surface of the planet was covered with snow, which is frozen at 125 degrees below zero carbon dioxide.

The area depicted in the photographs, is located near the North pole of Mars. In the photos you can also see numerous dark plots, formed by the melting of the ice crust.

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However, carbon dioxide is not the only substance that can freeze and form the ice cap of the red planet. Earlier, the same probe “Mars Reconnaissance orbiter” with the help installed in the SHARAD radar, has discovered a vast sea of frozen water under the surface of the planet.

According to calculations of scientists, discovered a layer volume of about 14.3 thousand cubic meters and a thickness 80-170 meters, can be located at a depth of from one to ten meters, in the West of the Martian plains of Utopia.

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Layer by 50 to 80 percent composed of water ice, the rest is a sand and gases.

NASA показала выпавший на Марсе снег

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