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NASA has debunked the version of the supporters of the lunar conspiracy

В NASA развенчали версию сторонников "лунного" заговораSupporters of the idea of “lunar” conspiracy, among other things, emphasise the strange behaviour of the dust.

The official version of the landing of American astronauts on the satellite of our planet for decades are under attack from the adherents of the idea “moon” conspiracy.

Some seriously believe that no landing on the moon was not, and NASA faked all the evidence of expeditions.

One of the “irrefutable” evidence of his innocence, the adepts of the conspiracy theory believed the lunar dust that “was” in pictures taken near the site of the landing of the Americans (supposedly the dust can not move thus in the absence of the atmosphere).

NASA experts are not always eager to debunk myths about the flights of American astronauts, believing them to be absurd. However, in the case of the lunar dust experts from space agencies still presented his version. Wang Xu (Wang Xu) and his colleagues examined images taken in the framework of the mission “Apollo”, and a number of other data obtained, in particular, the apparatus “Rosetta”.

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It turned out that “strange” dust is present not only in old photographs. To understand the cause of this phenomenon in the laboratory was recreated the conditions of the surface of the moon. As the experiment showed, the unusual behavior of dust was caused by solar ultraviolet radiation and the solar wind plasma.

Charged particles of the solar wind bombarding the lunar surface, that dust particles acquire a positive electric charge. At the same time, penetrating into the deep soil of the moon the Sun’s ultraviolet rays lead to the fact that the particles appear to be a region having a very high negative charge.

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Gradually soil particles accumulate positive and negative charges that leads to the “catapulting” them into outer space. This also may explain the gradual disappearance of traces of the NASA astronauts from the surface of the satellite.

Previously, we recall, was found conclusive proof that the NASA astronauts really landed on the moon. On its surface was discovered impact crater from the fall of the accelerator of the third stage of the carrier rocket “Saturn-5”.Go to the Main page

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