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NASA found signs of ancient life on Mars

NASA нашла признаки древней жизни на МарсеScientific discovery was made by Curiosity Rover.

Scientists of the American space Agency NASA announced the discovery of traces of organic molecules and methane on Mars. The presence of this gas may indicate the existence of life on this planet at the moment. On Earth a significant portion of this gas produced by microorganisms.

The machine analyzed the composition of the atmosphere the last five years in the area of the crater Gale. It turned out that the level of methane varies depending on season – grows in summer and falls in winter. The gas concentration in the atmosphere is changing several times.

The Curiosity Rover has detected methane on the bottom of the drained lake. Scientists do not exclude that the gas is generated in the lower layers of the soil of Mars as a result of activities of microbes or geothermal processes. Skeptics, however, believe that methane could be delivered from Earth.

In addition, examining the rock on the surface of Mars, whose age is three billion years, the scientists found under the five-centimeter-thick stone organic molecules containing carbon and hydrogen. They can also contain oxygen, nitrogen and other chemical elements.

Molecules were extracted from a piece of soapstone, discovered at the bottom of Gale crater, according to NASA. This rock was placed in a special oven Rover and heated to a temperature of 700 degrees Celsius.

Typically, such molecules are created by organisms and indicate the presence of life, however, there are exceptions, so the final conclusions to do early. However, it can be argued that organic compounds existed on Mars for billions of years. Tacos conclusion biogeochemist Jennifer Eigenbrode working at the space flight Center of NASA in Greenbelt (MD).

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