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NASA found on Pluto five-meter ice tower

NASA нашло на Плутоне пятиметровую ледяную башнюA giant structure surrounded by the landscape he saw on Pluto experts.

Experts from the American research center NASA revealed the secrets of giant ice tower.

This site is called Penitentes.

The first pictures of the tower managed to do two years ago, the spacecraft New Horizons. The height of the object is approximately 16 feet (about five meters). Penitentes consists of several types of species, but not from water. The landscape object similar to the earth.

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Scientists suggest that the Penitentes could be formed due to regular precipitation in the form of potassium fluoride. As is known, at low temperature, which is the norm for Pluto, the substance acquires a crystalline form. NASA emphasize that the existence of icy tower suggests that the planet may have water.

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Previously, scientists declared that have found signs of snow and ice on Pluto. It is possible to learn more in the latest edition of Nature.

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