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NASA found evidence of water on Mars

NASA нашло доказательства наличия воды на МарсеCuriosity found on Mars traces of ancient water evaporation.

The Rover Curiosity found on Mars, a small network of cracks, which could be formed as a consequence of drying up the mud more than three billion years ago.

This was reported on the website NASA.

Crack width is one to two centimeters. According to researchers, cracks were formed in two stages. First, the mud is cracked due to water evaporation, and then the cracks got of sedimentary rocks that began to press on the rocks and led to the formation of other cracks and the appearance of mineral veins.

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Photos of the region, covered with cracks, was taken by the Rover on 20 December during the study, the foot of mount Sharpe in the Gale crater.

NASA нашло доказательства наличия воды на Марсе

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