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NASA first tested all the systems on Board the new space ship

NASA впервые проверила все бортовые системы нового космического корабляAmerican Agency start final stage of preparation.

The company’s specialists, Lockheed Martin and the U.S. space Agency NASA first made the inclusion of all on-Board systems of the spacecraft Orion, including onboard computers, sensors, information transmission and elements of the energy system. Note that this spacecraft is one of two built to date, and it is now in the training center Neil Armstrong Operations and Checkout Facility NASA Space center Kennedy.

The inclusion of the onboard systems of the spacecraft is part of his preparation for a three-week mission, Exploration Mission-1 (EM-1), which is scheduled for 2019. Unmanned spacecraft Orion will be launched into space using the Space Launch System rocket and travel to the moon. During the flight to the moon and orbit at a height of 64 thousand kilometers from its surface, will be testing on-Board electronics and other systems of the spacecraft, according to

Testing unmanned and necessary to test the operation of the computer system of the vehicle, which should ensure that of 480 million instructions per second, processing all the input data flows and produce thousands of commands to control the systems of the ship. In this case, the system will take place in conditions of radiation permeating space that can cause malfunction of the equipment. In addition to all this also will verify system for the collection of solar energy, which generates electricity in sufficient quantity for the supply of eight average houses.

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