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NASA figured out how to protect the Earth from aliens

В NASA придумали, как защитить Землю от инопланетянNASA runs a program to protect Earth from aliens

Space Agency NASA in 2019 will start the program for the destruction of near-Earth objects, including alien ships. This was told by one of the employees of the organization.

Ufologists believe that NASA knows about the existence of extraterrestrials, and the new program will be designed not to protect from asteroids and meteorites, but against alien ships. In the space Agency this version is not confirmed. NASA employees claim that this system will allow in a short time to destroy objects that threaten the planet.

Hunters UFO fear that scientists just do not want to reveal the secret of the appearance of extraterrestrial beings on Earth. The fact that over the last month there have been many cases of fixation of aliens on our planet. Famous ufologists, including Scott Waring, believe in the existence of alien Guinea pigs on the territory of the Agency NASA. The UFO hunters believe that scientists are simply afraid of panic among the population.

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