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NASA failed to contact the Dawn mission

NASA не удалось связаться с миссией DawnUnit Dawn started 11 years ago.

Apparently, a unique space mission NASA’s Dawn (“Dawn”), was completed. Experts at the American space Agency since November 1 are not getting signals from this unit. The first message about the problems dates back to this number. According to the Agency, no earlier than November 7, the Agency officially recognizes the mission is completed.

Unit Dawn started 11 years ago and became the first in history a space probe, which began two cosmic bodies that need to be studied alternately, not with the span of the trajectory, and orbit.

The mission was scheduled to explore objects in the asteroid belt. When the mission was under preparation at both the goal and the first open belt object, Ceres and the asteroid 4 Vesta – was considered asteroids, but, as we remember, in the summer of 2006 the international astronomical Union clarified the definition of a planet, brought from the planets Pluto and renamed a dwarf planet, and “raising” the status of Ceres. So at the time of launch, the mission had about a year to study the large asteroid Vesta, and then fly to Ceres and to study it as possible.

It turned out very well – the mission was fulfilled and overfulfilled all my life, having a huge number of images and other science data at Vesta and Ceres. Now we have full maps of these celestial bodies much better and we began to understand how the asteroids.

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