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NASA creates a ship to fight asteroids

НАСА создает корабль для борьбы с астероидамиIf the Earth is to threaten not a very big asteroid, the basic energy vehicle should be enough to destroy it.

Perhaps the use of nuclear energy in order to protect the planet Earth, is not such a bad idea – at least, so I think the experts of NASA are now engaged in developing a special project called HAMMER.

This project revolves around developing a special spacecraft, whose primary function and role will be the destruction of potential threats to the planet – in this case, we are talking about a particularly large asteroid. And it is based on the use of destructive nuclear energy, as opposed to the more “safe” remedies, that basis may be the only chance of humanity to survive the potential dangers.

However, this danger can hardly wait until September 2135 years when, according to preliminary calculations of astrophysicists of NASA, can be a collision of a huge asteroid Bennu with the Earth’s surface, as it will fly at a lower altitude. There is 1 chance out of 2700 that he actually hit the Ground. That’s why NASA, in conjunction with specialists from the National nuclear security administration of the United States, decided to develop a unique space ship HAMMER represented by unusual, but at the same time potentially effective solution.

For example, if the Ground will be threatened not too big an asteroid, the basic energy vehicle should be enough to destroy it – but in that case, if the asteroid is very large, then the spacecraft will use nuclear energy in order to change the course of the asteroid and thus avoided a potential problem.

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