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NASA could not see evidence of life on Mars

NASA могли не заметить доказательства жизни на МарсеAccording to International Business Times, the space Agency NASA could not notice evidence of the presence of life on the planet Mars in 2007.

Experts have put forward a hypothesis after studying the photos, which made the Rover Spirit Rover, Ukrainian Telecomunicazioni portal.

Scientists say that in 2007 NASA could miss evidence of life on Massefect say that during his stay on the red planet, the Rover Spirit took pictures of finger-like rock formations that stand on the plateau Home.

The size of these rocks, about 90 metres, they are located in the Colombian hills. Experts from the University of Arizona have organized the search for our planet’s rock formations like those on Mars. Pictures on request, NASA could miss evidence of life on Marseglia in order to explore them and understand how they were formed. Similar formations have been discovered in Chile’s El Tatio.

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In the area of the Earth, micro-organisms made silica of the hot springs. A similar situation may take place on Mars. Especially that climatic conditions in Chile are like the weather on Mars.

Cold at night and during the day land gets a lot of ultraviolet radiation from the Sun. Scientists will analyze the above pictures and look for previously undetected data.

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Note that in October of this year, another community of experts said that traces of life on Mars was discovered in 1976, but at the time these data were not taken seriously.

Analysis of the experiment “Viking”, when several probes landed on Mars, shows that the probe collected samples of soil, microbes were present.

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