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NASA conducts training in the landing of men on Mars

NASA проводит тренировки по высадке людей на Марс NASA plans after 2030 to fly to Mars and land on its surface people.

Currently, they are conducting intensive training related processes.

Prepared polygon with the special terrain that simulates the challenges astronauts may face on the surface of Mars. Now the training involves two people. Training complex is located not far from the Hawaiian volcano of Mauna Ulu and its landscape, according to experts, it looks like a Martian.

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The scenario rehearsal, the participants need to find the remains of the city, proving that the red planet was previously life. Those who now overcomes the landfill, are not astronauts, are volunteers. Clad in spacesuits and was sent on his way. They must collect rock samples and use special tools that were made for real space flight. Also limited during the training.

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According to scientists, outside of the main base on Mars will be no more than four hours a day. There are also time delays in communication. A team from Earth to Mars can do no earlier than 15 minutes after its filing.

Thus checks NASA prepared for the mission equipment and the ability of untrained people to use it.

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