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NASA called the dominant exoplanets in the Galaxy

В NASA назвали доминирующие в Галактике экзопланетыThe majority of planets in our galaxy similar to Neptune.

Astronomers use gravitational microlensing found that the majority of exoplanets in our galaxy resemble the mass and properties of Neptune.

As reported on the website NASA, these planets can form in cold conditions away from stars, where it is assumed the most active formation of the planets.

Using the method of microlensing, scientists have managed to open more than 50 exoplanets, which is quite small compared to the thousands who are open to using other techniques. However, this method allows you to access a planet with a smaller mass and are at a much greater distance from the star than the other techniques. In addition, gravitational microlensing can detect planets that are moving through the galaxy on their own, without a star.

Now the researchers analyzed all the studies that have been conducted using microlensing from 2007 to 2012, and compared the mass and radius of planets and stars, and the distance between them. Scientists have found that a star, whose mass is approximately 60% of the mass of the Sun, a typical planet detected by microlensing, the planet is in the 10-40 times more Land. For comparison, Neptune is 17 times bigger than our planet.

In addition, it was found that similar to Neptune, the planet most likely candidates for the formation of the so-called snow – line, beyond which the water in the process of formation of the planet freezes.

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