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NASA announced a new space mission

В NASA объявили о новой космической миссииNASA plans to send a mission to mercury next year

NASA announced a new space mission called “Welcome to Hell”. The probe will travel in a seven-year journey to mercury.

Eight years ago thanks to the Messenger probe was able to reveal some interesting facts about mercury. Confirmed that the planet has a magnetic field and very small charged particles that are too thin to create this atmosphere. Next year NASA plans to launch a new mission to this celestial body called “Welcome to Hell”. An eloquent title, however, accurately reflects the weather on mercury. As one of the planet closest to the Sun, the temperature it reaches 350 degrees Celsius, and the radiation level is very high.

The spacecraft BepiColombo goes to mercury in October of the following year. If he can withstand the extreme conditions of the planet, by 2025, scientists may be able to unravel several mysteries on the planet.

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