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Named vegetables that reduce the risk of prostate cancer

Названы овощи, снижающие риск рака простатыVegetables: enemies of prostate cancer

There is evidence that vegetables have a positive effect on antioxidant protection of DNA and help prevent cell damage, which reduces the chances of Contracting prostate cancer.

On the basis of a fair amount of research, the authors of the review concluded the following: the study of tomatoes and their products, contain the red pigment lycopene with antioxidant action, does not allow to draw conclusions about their impact on reducing the risk of incidence of prostate cancer.

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However, foods containing lycopene may have protective properties. Eating vegetables red-orange color, contains antioxidant Pro-vitamin b also is not a means of prevention of prostate cancer, according to current research. With regard to legumes, including soy and soy products, in General, the researchers confirmed their favor in this aspect.

Apparently, the vegetables containing vitamins C and E also does not have a positive effect on the prevention of prostate cancer.

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According to laboratory studies, garlic, onion, green onions, most likely, have protective functions, but for sure need more practical data.

Broccoli, Brussels and other types of cabbage that are rich in substances possessing anticarcinogenic effect have not been sufficiently studied for protection against prostate cancer, and their protective properties still subject to research.

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